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Mahakool Eye Drops

Mahakool Eye Drops are coolant eye drops that are highly recommended in allergic dry eye conditions.These Mahakool Eye Drops are manufactured in the hygienic and controlled conditions and are known for providing instant relief in any kind of allergic ,dry eye problem. We provide these Mahakool Eye drops can be used in general for coolant purpose.

PACKINGS : White colored 10ml.Double lock vial in an attractive pack.
COMPOSITION : CMC 0.5%, Phenylepherine 0.012%, Naphazoline 0.05%, Menthol 0.005%, Camphor 0.01%.
CATEGORY : Coolant Lubricating eye drops.

USES : Useful in any type of burning, stinging sensation or allergic conditions.

...The cool optimum choice in conjunctivitis.

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