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Ultivis-9G Capsule

Ultivis-9G are the power packed softgelatin capsules having 37 essential nutrients including Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba,Green Tea Extract,Grape seed Extract, Lycopenes,Luteins, Omega 3 fatty acids along with many vital vitamins, minerals and Antioxidants.

Ginseng-Regulates antioxidant enzyme activity.
Ginkgo Biloba : Nuroprotective and Cardioprotective
Green Tea Extract : Phytonutrient that provide anti-oxidative and anti-carcinogenic functions.
Lycopenes are the most efficient biological caretenoid singlet oxygen quencher. Lutein lowers the risk of ARMD and Cataracts and protects eye cell layers from potential light demage.
Omega 3 fatty acid : Helps reduce triglyceride levels and increases HDL with reduction in BP
Betacarotins helps prevent night blindness and other eye problems and skin disorders and enhances immunity. Vitamins and minerals are essential for normal functionaing,repair and growth of tissues.
PACKING : 10*1*10 Softgels
COMPOSITION : Ginseng ————–42.5 mg, Ginkgo Biloba ——–10 mg, Green Tea Extract—–10mg, Grape seed extract—15mg, Garlic Powder———2mg, Guggul—————–5mg, Ginger Root Extract—-10mg, Green Coffee Bean extract—-10mg, Glycerrhiza Glabra Extract—-5mg, Lycopenes———— 2500mcg, Miixed Carotinoids——5mgs, Citrous Bioflavonoids—-12.5mg, EPA——————–90mg, DHA——————-60mg, Niacinamide ———-15mg, Vitamin C ————12.5mg, Vitamin E ————-12.5 IU, Inositol—————–10mg, PAntothenic acid ——5mg, Vitamin A —————1600IU, Vitamin B1————–1mg, Vitamin B2————–1mg, Vitamin B6—————0.5mg, Vitamin K3—————80mcg, Folic acid —————-50mcg, Biotin———————30mcg, Vitamin D3—————-200IU, Vitamin B12—————1mcg, Benfotiamine———— 1.5mg, Lutein——————–250mcg, Cynocobalamine———500mcg, Methionine—————-22mg, Glutamic acid————-20mg, Choline bitartrate———10mg, Lysine ———————10mg, L-Carnitine L-tartrate——2500mcg, Cysteine ——————–2.5mg,

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